Diamond Stars

from by G-Man

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I know you're listening...
I just want you to know that I had to block you on everything...
I'm sure you understand why.
But if you don't...

Mama, you lied.
It's stupid how I really trusted you, all of the promises
you made were pretty fuckin' stupid too.
The first day.
The first time we talked.
You said a fake age, just to get my ass caught.
You said that you loved me, you called me baby on the side.
But when we hit the 10th problem of your fuckin' lies.
We don't talk, and then you kiss another guy?
I gave you so many chances and you just make me cry.

My heart hurts.
It bleeds,
internally it seems.
Even after all that, I gave my life to you x3.
You said you weren't ready,
I wasn't either when you came.
to reign utter fucking pain. Are you insane?
Why do I do this everyday with you. Huh?
Why do I argue on the phone with a fucking mute.
You hide behind tears so you don't face the fucking truth.
You lost me...
But I still want you.

I know you're scared.
So am I.
I beg and plead, mostly I fuckin' cry.
I don't care about the past,
I just want your emotions,
also your ass.
You know I love that,
so please, please, come back to me babe.
Please, please, come back to me baby girl.
Please come back to me I want you in my world.
I messed up too...
I know I did...
It's not all you.

I neglected often,
never perfected the different emotions
you were having, I never respected.
I was one sided.
Always thought about myself.
I understand this now,
can we just put that on the shelf.
Can we move on?
Can we stop talking all this dumb shit,
of the distance being harder than it really fucking is?
We did this for a year now, still pushing through.
This is the final destination and now you choose the lose?
What the fuck boo?
I loved you and you know I still do.
You're my life,
my everything I want in my future wife.
But are you her?
Or is it some other girl,
no I concur.
You wouldn't want her to feel my body,
not just in a blur.
You wouldn't want her, to take my pics,
or maybe touch my WOO,
you wouldn't want her to have all of my future fucking kids.
And I don't even want kids...
But I do with you.
You changed me.
That's not bad boo.


from Spacebound, released May 19, 2017



all rights reserved


G-Man Texas

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