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This is the intro,
here to let y'all know,
who's behind the mic and who's got the fire flow so,
They call me G, no dots and not easy,
everything that you see from me will be lyrically,
You want to?
Come and challenge me.
I go back to back,
call that balancing,
just this by the voice,
that's a fallacy,
I spoke up,
now they all follow me.
Truly amazing,
new to the scene, dude 19,
everything I try to keep it clean but.
Nowadays people don't give a fuck if you rhyme "butt", with "but"
you can get rich and rise up!.
What a pitty thats verse can be shitty and represent the
committee while sittin' pretty in the city, really?
They're destroying a whole damn culture.
I'm gawkin' ya spot will take it like a vulture.

I want the world to see? To see? To see? To see?
To see.
That I am not, will never be a wack MC.
You likin' me? Well that's a given,
I'm strivin' to be me,
I'd rather be an outcast than be weak and fit in,
Stay lit, never quittin'.
Too hot? Here's some mittens.
Cool cat? Mr. Kittens.
Best believe I'm better than the rest,
shootin' shot aimin' for the head,
that vest is only for ya chest.
Bringin' it back.
Live and direct.
Bow down now I, demand the respect of the real.
Not you, your crew is weak,
You know I'm goin' hard in the paint and I ain't even peaked.
Delete, all your so called song and EPs.
Your album can go where I shit and take my pees.
You don't like it?
Well then see ya!
Now ya know fosho, you had the wrong idea.


from Spacebound, released May 19, 2017



all rights reserved


G-Man Texas

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